Seydelmann Konti Cutter KK140 AC 6

Product Information
manufacturer Seydelmann
name Konti Cutter KK140 AC 6
Item No. 752
Type Used Machine
condition refurbished
machine description

for the production of various types of cooked sausages
6 variably pre-programmable speeds
largely solid stainless steel
550 L hinged funnel
main motor for three-phase IP23, 90 kW power
installed in a closed machine stand with
ventilation opening, meets IP53,
frequency converter microprocessor-controlled with intelligent output current monitoring, surge-free and overloadable up to 1.8 times
for infinitely variable adjustment of the 6 programmable speeds with electric brake
thermal overload control
built-in fan
standstill heating for the motor winding
400 Volt, 3 phases, 50 Hz
control voltage 230 Volt
reducing valve for production control or temperature adjustment
stainless steel control cabinet with built-in
main switch and up to approx. 10 m of control cable
and motor cable between control cabinet and machine
the pre-programmable speeds - from the cleaning
up to the highest finest shredding speed - are on
Konti cutter can be called up via lever switch
Command 500 KK Digital display in stainless steel protective housing for set and actual speed value,
the number of aisles, the product outlet temperature, as well as keypad
for programming
display in case of temperature sensor breakage
emptying via removable delivery pipe DN 65
PT 100 temperature measuring system
incl. 1 cutting set
incl. loading device for lw 200 L moveable


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