Alco Press ASP 400

Product Information
manufacturer Alco
name Press ASP 400
Item No. 780
Type demonstration machine
condition novel
machine description

The alco ASP flattening machine is designed
to flatten and roll out all types of fresh and
soft frozen products. The products are
conveyed between an upper belt and lower belt
through the flattening area.
The products are alternately pressed and released
(patting effect) by only three pairs of rollers.

- production speed can be continuously adjusted
- three pairs of pressure rollers for gentle and durable flattening
- height adjustment via handwheel for setting the
  desired product thickness
- swivelling discharge conveyor
- rubberised drive rollers to prevent belt slipping
- water spray bar to prevent protein built up on the belts
- collecting trough for product residues
- movable

belt width:               400mm
speed:                     2.. 15m/min
product thickness:     4.. 45 mm (adjustable)
power:                    400V/50Hz, 3 phase
machine dim.:           2.200 x 900 x 1500 mm
working heigh:          adjustable between 925..  1.075 mm
weight:                    ca. 550 kg


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