Henneken Vac. Cool Tumbler 1500 L

Product Information
manufacturer Henneken
name Vac. Cool Tumbler 1500 L
Item No. 714
Type demonstration machine
condition novel
machine description

Demonstration machine / like new
- Vacuum - cooling tumbler for massaging, salting, tumbling, marinating
- with cooling jacket for glycol-water
- incl. integrated cooling unit
- solid stainless steel construction with precision container
- diagonally welded baffles for 3D - tumble effect
  for controlled, gentle turning, sliding and gliding movements
- baffles in polished finish
- programmable Siemens Touch control in separate stainless steel housing
- infinitely variable speed
- suction device for brine and/or additives
- Ejection baffle for fast, gentle product discharge

volume: 1500 ltr.
tank dimensions: dia. 1200 x L 1000 mm
gearbox: 1,5 kW SEW
speed:   stepless 2 - 10 revolutions per minute
vacuum pump: 1,1 kW Busch 0040
water drain: 10 ltr. with drain valve
control: Siemens KTP 700 / SPS S7; 34 programs
lid: drm. 450 mm with brine suction device
cleaning opening: Drm. 150 mm (additional opening optional)



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