New meat-processing factory Hainan / China

More than 80 luxury resorts

Hainan is the most famous holiday destination in China. More than 80 luxury resorts are located on the island. Guests from all over the world enjoy white beaches and the stunning scenery.

High demand on quality food products

A german-chinese investor group decided to start a small meat-processing factory for high quality sausage and ham products. A experienced butcher from Austria runs the production and guarantees western European standards.

The Director of the factory, Mr. Kay Feske decided to equip the plant with refurbished and new machines from German make only!

Perfect Machinery

A Seydelmann Cutter, Frey Vacuumfiller, Maja Ice Machine, Vakona Cooling Tumbler and a Bastra Smoking Unit guarantee best sausage products for the guests of many luxury hotels in Hainan.

The machines have been installed by one of our experienced technicians. For the start a technologist from Austria supported the local team.