Refurbished Bowl Choppers for Zambia

Morris Mulele's Growing Business

The factory of Morris Mulele is located in the capital of Zambia in Lusaka. With a population of 1.8 Mio. only in Lusaka, the market for quality sausage products is quite big.
Mr. Mulele started several years ago with quite simple machinery. When he specialized in high quality products, he decided to invest in latest machinery technology.

Refurbished Seydelmann Bowl Chopper

The first investment was a refurbished Seydelmann Bowl Chopper K90. Only a few years later, the machine was too small and Mr. Mulele decided to go for the even bigger Seydelmann K120 AC8.
Both machines were fully refurbished in our workshop. Packed in a massive wooden box the machine was sent to Lusaka by Airfreight.
Mr. Mulele says: "Due to the High-Speed bowl chopper my quality sausage products are even finer now. Thanks to the increased quality, my market is growing faster and faster."
We are looking forward to a prosperous cooperation!