Energy efficient production – Seydelmann eco+ model series


Thinking about today and tomorrow

Energy costs are playing an increasingly important role in product costing and with rapidly rising costs, profit margins are melting away at the same pace. It is time to put production equipment and production processes to the test in order to identify and exploit savings potential. This way, the enormous price increases can be absorbed and a pass-on to the end consumer – with the risk of shrinking sales – can be avoided.

In addition, the issue of sustainability and thus also energy consumption in production is increasingly coming into the focus of consumers and financing providers. The introduction of an energy management system (EMS), including appropriate certification, pays off on many levels. It enhances the image and thus contributes to a better starting position in terms of sales, labor market and financing.

The new Seydelmann eco+ model series was developed with the inclusion of all consumption-relevant areas.

Frequency-controlled drives

Modernization of production machines offers enormous savings potential, especially if outdated versions of drives are still installed there.

By using modern energy-efficient motors and frequency converters, energy savings of up to 40 percent can be achieved while improving the quality of the end product. These result from lower connected loads and the avoidance of current peaks when starting or switching the speeds.

An additional positive effect of the frequency-controlled drives is variable speed adjustment and thus precisely coordinated cutting speeds for perfect product quality.

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